A beautiful piece of Cake


I’am Happy because I know I should be!

My life has been packed of sweet, spicy and sour ingredients.. ..mix all together and will create a tasty life..

A mixture of life that will lead us to a half bake, perfectly cook or ended up to an over cooked journey.

.. We only live once..

Cook your life with enough ingredients of great experiences and  seasonings of hardships so you be cooked to what should you be..

I’am now cooking my life to a beautiful cup cake…

Pouring it with a finest flour of wonderful people, a cup of milk of a sweet love, a pinch of baking soda of pain, a teaspoon of vanilla of failures, mix with butter of courage, a cup of sugar of happiness, dropped eggs of faith, squeeze a lemon of mistakes…


Stirring it with full strength to come up with a finest dough of my life that will be a piece of what taste of life I will be..

Future is vague…

but I know when the heat of the fire of judgement comes and shallow the dough of my life..

.. whatever the result will be…..

.. I know… God will eventually put a rainbow of icing that will turn me to beautiful piece of cake…


PS: Now…. What piece of mixture will you cook your life?




It was my first time to be nominated to have this one.. I thought I cant make it today but since it made me excited, I can’t help myself to write immediately.. Thank you so much to Erikakind (erikakind.wordpress.com) . You are indeed kind and have a lovely heart..May your wisdom will always flow so you can inspire more .. Thank you so much..

This is what I wrote base on your question ” When I get into my Car” . I hope you will like it.. 🙂

When I get into my car…


One day.. In time, I know I can say those words ” When I get into  my car… ” but now since I don’t have one yet, let share a bit of my dream instead..
Having a car is an ultimate dream for a woman like me who live in a very  simple and ordinary life..

I found myself aiming for this the moment when I saw my father fixing our bicycle when I was young.. So a thought of a young girl wishing to have a car for her father became an instrument to strive more..
I thought..
It would probably be nice to have one so my father won’t be tired pedaling in sending and fetching us from  school everyday  for 5 kilometers far.

It would really be fun when we are on the car listening to the music played on the stereo

It would be wonderful to go wherever we want even it’s to0 far..

It would be lovely to just seat on the passenger seat watching my father driving a car with a smile in his face not sweating anymore..


It would be nice to have it …. In time..


These are the thoughts when I was a little kid …. Now I still carry those dream and I am now working to make this dream come true.. This time,  it would not just for my father but also for my little daughter who will be in school after 2 years.

By then.. Probably I will tell her this story, how the dream of a little girl for her beloved  father come true…. while driving our own car..

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Here’s my topic :

What makes you beautiful inside….

Taking a Glimpse


Taking a glimpse of yesterday reminds me to where I’am at and what I become.

We have been born in the same globe yet being carved into a different destinies.

We owed what we are now from our past.

Childhood mold us to become someone yet society to where we belong turned us into something what we are now..

Way back when I was young, I lived in a farm with my family. We live in a very peaceful and ordinary life..but it was one of the best experience I had.. My father sent me to school everyday by riding a bicycle to a roughly 5 kilometers distance back an forth accompanied by twin siblings.., I know it was rough yet my father used to be our clown, who made us laugh every single day even in times of crisis. Our life was full of fun until something happen mentally to my father, he got sick and my mother turned to be our strength who took good care the 4 of us along with my father.  We walked through the hardships together so now we are celebrating the blessing of a new life that has been prepared for us.. My father got well and 3 of us able to finished our degrees.

Now everything fall into its place.. Hardships became a good scar that will reminds us to keep going.

Life really taught us how to stand firm in times of trouble. It made us tough..

We live in a wave of happiness and sadness..There’s always aloft of happiness and down fall.  It won’t let us stuck in a corner and left behind… it lead us go on the wave and believe that the behind all the trouble it always beneath a fruit of success..

Vanity – Test yourself!

Who among us women who did many ” rituals” just to stay beautiful?.. We’ll I guess most of us do..:)

I’ve been thinking to write something and I suddenly caught myself staring at the mirror without even noticing it..

Looking at my reflection, it pop up the word vanity.

Why do we want to be attractive?

Why we don’t settle for good  when we can have our best?

Why we need to change something physically such as style just to please every one?

Aren’t you naturally beautiful? Did you ask yourself about it even once? Well I do.. and I believe I am

However it so candid having the idea of Why not staying beautiful and change for good if it can be done..

It’s not really about for someone nor to please other people because without BS, it feels good inside when someone appreciate your beauty or the way how you carry yourself.. It boost your confident and it will surely light up the mood you have..

Being vain is not a sin or a crime.. Though other people find you intimidating but who cares right? As long as you know how to carry yourself and you are at your best comfort feeling then there’s nothing wrong about it.

PS : Have you notice whenever you see a mirror, you can’t resist yourself not looking at it? Try to test yourself in just a day or an hour.. try to count how many times you look at yourself in the mirror and let me know your number.. I’ll do it also and I’ll let you know mine 🙂

Control Freak


Thus, anyone of you has been told that you are a control Freak?

Well Me? Yes… I used to be a control freak and my partner found it so annoying.. I’ve been struggling to let go of being like this yet it kills me emotionally.. Sigh.. There are some instances that we fight because I insisted something that it should be in my way, glad somehow because my partner can understand me but of course I know it’s not Okay.

Can anyone advise something that might help me to overcome this?

Dahican Beach – Menzi Resort ( Mati, Davao Oriental)

This year we spent our summer trip in Dahican in Mati Davao Oriental. It was our first time to visit the place. It took us 4 to 5 hours ride from Davao. When we arrived in to the place, they are still having the ” summerfrolic” there are still a lot of booth every where..

We actually went to the Menzi Resort, I’m not sure if there are still other resort there.. Lol It’s was last April 18,2015 when we went there.. When we reached the entrance of the resort, they let us passed without paying the entrance fee yet.. (they will only collect the fee when you leave the place the nextday).

As I remembered it was only P10 for adult and P5 for children. During that time we ran out of cottage so we only rented a table that cost P100 each and plastic chair for P10 each. As what I’ve heard the cottage is only P800. We have this funny experience about the tent. There is  specific place for those who want to build their tent.. and they say it cost P150 each.. Most of us brought a tent because there is no private room for rent in that resort. So we all build our tent to the tent area.. Funny thing is, we discover that it’s okay if you will not pay the P150 😀 , I did not pay either mine hehehe.. They are not strict in their fees, because when their employee went to collect the fees in the tent area most of us were not around, so they missed that chance. Though it did not bother us if they will collect it, but surprisingly until the next day, on one came to collect it .. so  nakatipid Lol

The reason why they are not strict it’s because it’s still under the government, as what I’ve heard the Menzi resort is still under the supervision of the government for 10 years until it will be commercialized by the owner… So make sure put this to your bucket list for your summer trip until it be more expensive once it will be commercialized… Let me share some pic we took when we went there.. Tent Area – Located at the back of the cottages..


TenT Area

Shore -Left Side

Shore -Left Side





Shore -Right Side

Shore -Right Side







Sun Rise

Sun Rise

Sleeping Dinosaur Island

Sleeping Dinosaur Island

On our way, we dropped by  a moment to take some pictures to this beautiful sleeping dinosaur Island.. Cool… Opps, I almost forgot.. There is 1 slower area for women, it’s up to you again if you are going to pay the P10 🙂

Unfortunately the water is still salty so better bring a big water container for your consumption. Hope this help 🙂


One of my couple friends had just part ways recently. Everything was so quick that all of us was terrified and shocked. It was not about falling out of love because we had witnessed their love story since they started up to their almost 5 years together, we all thought in all our friends, the couple will bring us all in the church soon yet it was not.. It was sad when we had our summer trip, then one of them should not be around since one should be there, because they don’t have the closure yet.. We blame no one because we all understand… but I can’t still moved on , I believe the two are just perfect for each other.

It made me put into a realization about uncertainty..

What we thought perfect relationship is not sometimes end to a happy ending..

What we have now will sometimes not lead us the same person in the future..

What we think  right for now, may not be right in the future..

What we see, might be different to what really the score is..

You mean the World to me

It was only yesterday when I first heard this song while watching @withlovekrisaquino.com video. I was indeed fell in love on the song… It can really make my soul ease.. feel so relaxing… I love Jed Madela version of this song.. Try to listen to it… I hope you will like it, like i do..  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWBU_b1v1SM


– You mean the world to me-

If you could give me one good reason

Why I should believe you
Believe in all the things that you tell
I would sure like to believe you
My heart wants to receive you
Just make me know that you are sincere
You know I’d love for you to lead me
And follow through completely
So won’t you give me all I ask for
And if you give your very best
To bring me happiness
I’ll show you just how much I adore you

‘Cause you mean the world to me
You are my everything
I swear the only thing that matters
Matters to me
Oh baby, baby, baby, baby,
Baby, ’cause you mean so much
To me

Now it’s gonna take some workin’
But I believe you’re worth it
Long as your intentions are good
So good
There is just one way to show it
And boy I hope you know it
That no one could love you like I could
Lord knows I want to trust you
And always how I’d love you
I’m not sure if love is enough
And I will not be forsaken
And I hope there’s no mistakin’
So tell me that you’ll always be true


There’s a feeling in my heart
That I know I can’t escape
So please don’t let me fall
Don’t let it be too late
There’s a time when words are good
And they just get in the way
So show me how you feel
Baby I’m for real
Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby

a piece of hope

A piece of hope is the one matters most. Do you see yourself surrender without giving a fight?

Do you easily quite without even facing the end?

I know, you don’t…

Submission is not our cup of tea, some do, but not most..

We are not just holding it but we embrace a small piece of hope because our mind creates the ending.. The ending that we always win… yet we lose the battle in reality..

A piece of hope beneath disappointments and success.. If you don’t know how to play the battle, you will lose the game..

Assumptions is one big part of it.. We tend to create the image in our mind and we assume things to happen… This will give us courage and believe that we can surpass the everything.. but the truth is  our assumption is way too far.



Just Me

My name is Derline, I prefer to be called “line” since its sound unique for me..

I’am actually not a writer, I would love to, yet I’am not that confident… I’m afraid about the criticism and judgement I might get from others.

Few years ago, I created this blog because I’m in a very tough and complicated situation where I can see myself stuck in a corner with no one… My mind keeps running with all the battle of thought flashing through and I can see myself so weak.. Having this blog makes me feel I have someone to lean on when in times of trouble.. All the chaos inside my head has been put into writings that helps me at least lessen the pains.

Now, looking back to where I started and realized that all those pains and trouble beneath a big happiness that will give a Big impact in my life.

I’am now a mother of a beautiful daughter, heaven sent from God. All the dark perception of life has turned into a beautiful light that made me inspire everyday to live..

It’s scares me to write still yet my determination to put all my thoughts to writing is more stronger than my fear. I will start to share all what I have,… I know that I can inspire others those who are still having difficulties, searching for comfort and those who are like me.. scared and blind..

Now I’ll tried to be bold, fearless and inspired.

We should always realize that we only live once… we have given a precious time to live a happy life that has been prepared for us..

..but not letting yourself wasting the time molding the life that you insist…